Sovaldi 400 mg Price | Buy Generic Sofosbuvir Tablets Online | Trusted Mail Order Pharmacy

Gilead is a pharmaceutical company that is most known for creating the revolutionary Hepatitis C drugs, based on an active molecule Sofosbuvir, under a trademark name Sovaldi. This HCV medication comes as 400mg strength tablets for oral administration. The main ingredient (Sofosbuvir 400 mg) in Sovaldi is a prodrug which is metabolized into its active form in the body. Following this, it begins to work by blocking the viral RNA polymerase(enzyme needed by the virus to multiply). As a direct result of this, the hepatitis C virus is effectively prevented from replicating its RNA, thus blocking a critical step in the reproductive cycle of the virus. The virus is thereby prevented from spreading, and this helps aid the liver’s recovery process. To know more, please visit


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